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Products do not always perform as advertised.

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Products do not always perform as advertised.


Buyer’s remorse is the anger, disappointment and frustration experienced when a product doesn’t perform as advertised. The goal of most As Seen on TV products is to solve a common problem, and many perform their job admirably. Still, the Internet is littered with the complaints

of remorseful purchasers who claim products don’t work or are misrepresented . Sometimes the Federal Trade Commission gets involved.

Many organizations perform testing on TV products and post the results, including Popular Mechanics

, Good Housekeeping , and Consumer Reports . Just watch out for fake reviews .

As UnSeen On TV: The Top Ten Facts Infomercials Fail to Tell You

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  • Anonymous

    Subject: Products Do Not Always Perform As Advertised !

    The Ninja Master Prep Professional is one suck product, I would not recommend this product.  Buy a good Blender like the Kalorik, and a good quality Food Processor.  My experiences are that combination products like the Ninja Master Prep usually don’t perform well.

    Ninja “No” !

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